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Fishing in the Smokies


Many streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Park provide lots of fishing opportunities. Mountain trout is a favorite catch. We even have trout fishing tournaments for people of all ages. Fishing gear can be purchased at several outfitters in Gatlinburg, TN and Townsend, TN. Mountain rivers can be very cold even during the warmer summer months, so dress accordingly.


Residents and nonresidents age 13 and older must have a valid license. You can obtain a fishing license online. Residents age 65 and older may obtain a special license from the state.

There are 2,900 miles of streams inside the National Park. The park offers a wide variety of angling experiences from remote, headwater trout streams to large, coolwater smallmouth bass streams. Most streams remain at or near their carrying capacity of fish and offer a great opportunity to catch these species throughout the year.

Fishing is permitted year-round in the park, from 30 minutes before official sunrise to 30 minutes after official sunset. The park allows fishing in all streams.

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